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Bergstan has no rigid career path procedures but we are always on the lookout for candidates who may wish to grow with us over time. Much of our support in terms of training and development is directed at our current staff but we are continuously looking for potential value and new recruits.

Senior Engineers and Technicians who are professionally registered are always welcome to forward their CV's to our HR Director (Mrs Amina Soeker) if they are seeking new opportunities. We prefer not to work with recruitment agencies and all job seekers are encouraged to apply directly.

Students and scholars are also welcome to approach us for in-service training, funding assistance and bursary allowances. These allowances are not broadly advertised and we prefer to engage with potential applicants in person. Initial requests should be sent via e-mail to our HR Director (Mrs Amina Soeker).

Generally, we believe that our best employees would be those who demonstrate reliability and responsiveness to our clients and to one another.

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